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New Day works on helping our members find and secure employment opportunities and housing.

Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment is where a member works at a temporary position out in a local business. The New Day Placement Manager works with all parties to ensure that the member receives adequate support and training, and that all aspects of the job are completed.  These opportunities allow  members to gain income while also learning valuable job skills. Members work part-time, up to five days per week, and receive the standard wage of the job position.

Supportive Employment

New Day staff provides supportive services throughout the entire employment process. New Day helps to establish and maintain an open-relationship between the employee and employer through personal visits and/or phone calls. The staff also provides the member with other helpful services such as job referrals and resume development.

Independent Employment

When members find their own employment, they can still utilize the clubhouse for continued support. Staff or other members provide advice and support in order to maximum their job effectiveness and performance.

Benefits of Hiring New Day Members For Your Company

  • Dependable employees eager to work
  • Eligible for tax credits
  • Absences covered by New Day staff   
  • Providing a great service to the community 
  • On-the-Job Support covered by New Day at no cost to you  
  • Train the staff/employee once and staff will provide any further training in the future


If you have any job opportunities that may be a good fit for one of our members, please contact us!

Housing Programs

New Day is committed to providing safe, decent, and affordable housing for qualifying members. New Day operates two apartment complexes, Newport Apartments and Wilkinson Place. Both 20-unit complexes are furnished and kept in excellent condition.

To be eligible for an apartment, you must first be a successful Member of New Day for at least three months. After this point, staff will evaluate your ability to live independently. At this point, a housing referral form will also need to be completed. While you still have to pay rent, the homes are HUD subsidized, which means that the monthly payments are determined based on your level of income.

New Day is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and contributions to New Day are tax deductible. New Day is affiliated with the United Way of the Piedmont and the Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center. New Day is accredited by CARF - The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission for the Community Based Rehabilitation Programs for its Community Integration - Adults, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program